Monthly Archives: September 2013


This is the first of a new series where I’ll be regularly posting introductions to five of my favourite people to follow on Twitter.  Expect mainly football oriented accounts, with a few random ones thrown in to keep things interesting.

@royhendo – My unofficial writing mentor and Dundee-based Liverpool fan who’s interesting and intelligent musings can be read on The Anfield Wrap and The Blizzard.  Roy’s profile picture is a terrifying hybrid of himself and legendary DUFC keeper Hamish MacAlpine. Don’t be fooled, Roy has no hair.

@RobPennWidwood and @lateraltruth– Author, journalist and TV presenter who can usually be found in the woods or on his bike and sometimes in the woods on his bike.  To my delight, Rob tweets about trees and cycling in almost equal measure.

@usasoccerguy – Hilarious parody account mainly ‘Soccerizing’ the ‘franchise teams’ in the ‘English EPL’.  If you want to be kept up to date with The Whitespurs and Manchester Unity’s ‘goal-shot denials’, ‘felony kicks’ and all the ‘franchise enhancement window’ news, then Soccer Guy is your man.

@ginkers – Scottish-Italian author, Giancarlo Rinaldi tweets about all things Calcio and in particular his beloved Fiorentina.  Obviously I follow him because of his astute and brilliant writing, but mainly because a man who loves Moretti beer and Gabriel Batistuta cannot be ignored.

@Conway_Sean – Mad man.  Inspirational. Super Human.  I think Sean is a combination of all three on account of the fact that he’s currently swimming 1000 miles from Land’s End to John o’ Groats!  He tweets regular updates with links to his blog and amazing photos from his adventure, providing his hands haven’t been stung by jellyfish.