I’m currently sporting some pretty dodgy facial hair. I’m not going to lie to you, I do enjoy growing a beard now and again but the moustache that I’m rocking isn’t a style statement, it’s in aid of charity. Movember gives us real men an excuse to grow a moustache throughout November and raise some money for the research into testicular and prostate cancer.  In the past I’ve taken part in Tacheback, a similar fundraising event, with the Everyman campaign, and since they don’t run it anymore, I thought I’d get involved in Movember.

And I’ve got good reason to. Just over five years ago one of my best friends and teammate at Leyton Orient, Adam Tann, was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Luckily he caught it early enough and after expert treatment, which included surgery and a single course of chemotherapy, he was back playing football within four months. He knows he was very fortunate and that’s why we first got involved with the Institute of Cancer Research’s Everyman campaign which is promoted by the English FA and the PFA. Diagnosed early enough, testicular cancer is one of the most treatable forms of the disease and a big part of their campaign is promoting awareness, urging men to check themselves regularly and if they find anything out of the ordinary, go to see their GP as soon as possible.

It’s a fun way to raise a bit of money for a really worthwhile cause. Davie Graham, one of my teammates at Dunfermline has grown one as well and his is looking much bushier than mine. He did cheat a little though as he wasn’t clean shaven at the start of the month – that’s the excuse for my patchy effort. It’s good to see Davie getting involved though and personally I think it’s about time there were more moustaches in the modern game. If you would like to sponsor me check out my Mo Space  page, any amount would be greatly appreciated. Here’s how I’m looking with five days to go.

Dodgy tache, but still looking quality.

  1. Adam Tann said:

    Once again a fantastic read, very informative and very well written. May I ask is that photo professionally taken because whoever has taken that photo has pulled out all the stops. He can play football, he can write and he can look like a rock star, where does Craig Easton’s talents end!?

    Your main man,


  2. Leon_S said:

    …nice ‘tache man!

    Not sure about the dodgy flick hairdo though!

    • That’s what my Mum said but I think it goes with the look!

  3. Brian Jeeves said:

    Good read Craig. I had no idea David Niven played for Dunfermline!

  4. You look as though you belong in the 40’s – love it. Nice piece mate.

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