…Sir Alex’s Ultimate XI

This weekend Sir Alex Ferguson celebrated 25 years as manager of Manchester United. It’s an unbelievable achievement and probably one we’ll never see again in modern football.  During his time at Old Trafford Fergie has won everything there is to win and has established United as one of the biggest clubs in the world. I’m not a Man Utd fan but they play football the way it should be played and it’s been great to watch them over the years, especially in Europe.

There have been some amazing players in the United team during Ferguson’s time in charge which got myself and the lads in the Dunfermline dressing room wondering what his best eleven would be out of all those stars. As you can imagine there was a fair amount of debate but here’s my pick of the best of Sir Alex’s reign;


G. Neville              Pallister                    Bruce                      Irwin

Beckham                 Keane (c)                  Scholes                   Giggs

     Rooney         Cantona

There were some tough choices, (leaving out Bryan Robson was one of them) and maybe this team wouldn’t necessarily work in that formation but I squeezed in who I thought were the best players.

What do you think, would your’s be any different? Let me know by commenting below…

  1. Not bad – this is coming from a liverpool fan – no ronaldo?

    • Thanks for commenting, I’m a Liverpool fan as well so I know it must have been hard!
      I hear what you’re saying, that was the other tough choice but I couldn’t fit him in if Beckham was going to play on the right and he had to be in there.

      • Yes you are right! – cant beat BECKS – check out some of my blogs



      • Great blog Alex and not just the football stuff. I agree that David Beckham is a legend and a true professional, he’s one of my favourite players of the last fifteen years and his performances for Milan last season show that he can still do it at the top level. Unfortunately I can’t say the same for John Terry. I don’t doubt that he was bang on when you spoke to him and fair play to him for taking the time to have a word but a lot of the stuff he gets up to reinforces a lot of peoples negative perceptions of footballers. He’s at the top of his profession and he still finds the need to self destruct, as a footballer I don’t get it. I also write for another football site, if you fancy checking it out you can find it here – http://footyextra.com/blogs/u/Craig_Easton/craig-easton-s-blog/

      • Thanks craig – i will be looking at your other sight. Are you on twitter? i would like to follow your stuff and see what you write about in the future.


  2. Brian Jeeves said:

    Craig, Sir Alex has produced so many fantastic Manchester United teams, but my favourite Fergie XI has to be the lot that lost 1-0 to Freddy Eastwood’s wonderful goal against Southend United at Roots Hall. One of my best football moments ever, I still pinch myself even though I was there!

  3. jonathan reid said:

    I’d probably have Ronaldo instead of Rooney allowing you to keep Becks in the starting x1.
    RVN was also a goal machine and would possibly have made my team.
    Vidic and Staam at the back.

    • Do you know what mate, I thought about that but it was too late to change it as people had already commented. Also Vidic instead of Pallister was another conflict but I went for the tried and tested partnership with Bruce. RVN was brilliant, great record!

      • Graeme McLaren said:

        I would have included Ronaldo ahead of Beckham simply because he won the Ballon D’Or and in my eyes was and has proven to be irreplaceable. Ferdinand and Vidic would be my two centre halfs also, Ferdinand the complete footballer and Vidic probably the most uncomprimising defender in Europe. Bruce and Pallister could be found wanting for pace in the modern game?? Van Nistelrooy an out and out goal machine but Cantonas impact on the whole club can’t be forgotten so I would agree on Cantona Rooney

  4. Thanks a lot for commenting big man, you’ve got some great points there.

    I’ve got to agree with you about Bruce and Pallister struggling with the pace of the game nowadays but in their time, they were one of the best partnerships around. Saying that, I probably should’ve had Vidic in there and I’m sure we’ll find out how important he is to Man U now that out’s long term. For me Beckham’s got to be in there but I still don’t think they’ve found a replacement for Ronaldo that can singlehandedly win games for them.

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